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For decades investors, analysts, and pundits have debated over active versus passive investing. Passive supporters believe indexing and low cost investments are superior while active supporters boast predictive modeling and high frequency trading gives them an edge over the market. At Different Investments™ we prefer to take a different approach.

Different Investments is a boutique investment firm created to combine active investment management with private placement strategies in the pursuit of an optimal return across a client’s entire portfolio. Our team of analysts are experts in the following services:

Alternative Investments

Project based alternative investment evaluation for Entrepreneurs, Executives, and other Accredited Investors.

Investment Management

Active investment management with traditional and non-correlated asset classes.

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Alternative Investments

For over two decades our founder has worked with very successful entrepreneurs and senior executive clients; and yet during that time he noticed many of the big box firms offered to manage a client’s investments on their own platform through traditional securities but rarely offered to evaluate investments off platform. Of course this peaked his interest. 

After some research he realized many big box firms create backend deals with alternative investments funds, or firms, to act as their distribution arm to sell the private placement or IPO. While not an abnormal distribution / sales practice the financial arrangement between the companies was rarely overtly disclosed. Usually you needed to look deep in the bowels of the fine print to find out how much was being paid on the backend of the deal. This begged the question, was the opportunity in the best interest of the client – or firm? Since most of these opportunities are available to Accredited Investors it is assumed the investor is more sophisticated and therefore understands the risks associated with investments like these.

But what happens when you, the Accredited Investor, finds a “one off” investment opportunity and needs a firm to evaluate that opportunity? Would that same big box firm independently evaluate your opportunity? In many cases, no.

At Different Investments™ we focus on being different than our competitors. But what does that actually mean?

While we will work with clients in a traditional investment management arrangement we also offer project based alternative investment evaluations. In other words, clients – or third party sponsors – can approach our team to perform a complete analysis of their “one off” alternative investment. 

This means our team – for a fee – will provide an independent analysis solely designed to help you evaluate your investment opportunity. Upon review of the request if our team is confident they can provide a comprehensive analysis then a detailed explanation will be provided to the client, or sponsor, ahead of time outlining exactly what will be provided along with the corresponding fee. 

Additionally, as sponsors of private placements approach our firm for an independent analysis we reserve the right to present any completed evaluation to our existing clientele for investment. In the event we present a third party investment to a client we will disclose the fees paid to our team for the independent analysis and any fee there might be for soliciting the investment on behalf of the sponsor. 

To invest different we believe you must think different. Therefore, offering evaluations on alternative investments like…

  1. Private Equity or Private Debt Placements
  2. Hedge Fund Strategies
  3. Real Estate Investing
  4. Commodities
  5. And more…

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Investment Management

Investing in today’s world seems to be a game for robots as the use of artificial intelligence and Robo Advisors are in high demand. Yet the value these technologies purport to offer is predominately rooted in systematic rebalancing and broad diversification. So what “uniqueness” do these strategies actually offer the intelligent investor who is trying to build an investment strategy for the future? In our opinion, none. 

At Different Investments™ we believe investing for the future is a process – one that takes skill, will, and time. This is why we incorporate the principles of financial planning and analysis into how we construct investment portfolios. It is our belief that without a clearly defined plan, building a sound investment strategy is akin to throwing darts at the business section of the newspaper. Sure a couple might find their way to a few diamonds in the rough, but it is not a strategy you want to base your future on. 

Our investment philosophy was constructed using three core principles: 

  1. Asset Allocation & Diversification With Non-Correlated Asset Classes 
  2. Active Research Leads To Active Return 
  3. Personal Rate Of Return

When Harry Markowitz hypothesized the Modern Portfolio Theory he did so with the belief that asset allocation and diversification were two of the central tenants that explain how a portfolio of traditional asset classes will perform. At Different Investments™ we decided to build on this concept by including different alternative investment strategies with traditional asset classes to help manage portfolio volatility. These alternative strategies can include, but are not limited to, managed futures funds, master limited partnerships funds, real estate investment funds, long short funds, global macro funds, commodity funds, hedged strategy funds, and market neutral income funds. However, expanding our investment methodology to include alternative investment funds was not enough. 

Since our team does not subscribe to the “buy and hold” methodology, due to the historical proof that an investment’s purpose and characteristics can change over time, we wanted to couple a more expansive list of investments with an active management approach; which is why we screen over 20,000 investments every year and track over 500 investments monthly.

With an expansive investment list and an active management approach we focus on creating a client’s personal rate of return. To do this our team will evaluate a client’s resources and future goals, understand how much portfolio volatility their plan can accept, and most importantly, how much time is needed to attain their desired goal. 

Taking this approach helps our clients understand what their required rate of return needs to be, and how much portfolio risk they need to accept. If their required return is higher than historical averages which in turn requires them to accept more risk than they are comfortable with, then this allows our team to set appropriate expectations with the client as they pursue their goals. 

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If there was one group of individuals with a set of constantly changing daily demands that operates under extreme stress most of the time it would have to be the American Entrepreneur. With the average business’s failure rate after five years being over 50% it is no surprise why so many people are scared to take the leap of faith to start a business. For those who are lucky enough to succeed and make it beyond their fifth, or even tenth year, in business their attention is usually focused in the business and participating in their family – when they have the time. This is why many entrepreneurs delegate so many of their tasks to those they trust.

Different Investments™ was created specifically to help entrepreneurs evaluate highly lucrative, and appropriate, investment opportunities. While the entrepreneur is focused on building and managing their business our portfolio team will focus on growing their wealth by uncovering their required rate of return in order to evaluate “one off” alternative investment projects and actively manage their liquid investments.

In the end, our entrepreneur clients, and family, can confidently entrust their investment portfolio with our experts.


While all entrepreneurs are executives, all executives are not entrepreneurs – although they have many similarities. Many executives are responsible for running divisions within a larger organization which could be thought of as running a business within a larger business. They have to fight for resources, hire and manage team members, create value within their division – and across the larger firm, meet firm deadlines, and so much more. Aspiring, and current, executives tend to invest a lot of their time building other people’s businesses which unfortunately means they have less time to focus on their personal, or family’s, needs.

Different Investments™ supports executives with evolving investment management goals using a curated and proprietary research process. This allows our team to look for investments that meet our client’s particular risk-adjusted needs. While we cannot find every diamond we believe our research process and capital market assumptions allow our investment strategies to seek optimal investments.

At Different Investments™ we do not sit back and wait for opportunities to come to us. We are hunting for new ideas..always!